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Your needs will be ascertained during a consultation at your home, which will also allow for an examination and evaluation of your garden. An estimate for the design work will be emailed to you after this visit

Initial Consultation

Scale drawing of garden to display general layouts

Before the design process can begin, a precise scale drawing of your garden must be produced.  This will display the general layout of the house, its boundaries, notable trees, plants, and features, as well as any necessary levels. A qualified surveyor will often conduct this survey.

Site Survey

vegetation sample board for design proposal

Upon receiving your permission to move forward, we will analyze your garden and prepare a preliminary design plan for your approval. This will be a scale drawing plan, and it might be accompanied by sample boards to assist you envision the design and vegetation suggested. The proposed design can be modified to satisfy the client preferences.

Design Proposal

Planting plan with plant list to design a garden

For every area of the garden, specific planting plans can be designed. We will also create a Plant List which includes the botanical name, size, and quantity of each plant. This is used to order and calculate the cost of the plants.

Planting Plans

transportation of plants for garden construction

We organize and supervise the construction of your garden.

Project Management



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Magdalena Brave owner of mbravelandscaping


I was born in Argentina. I earned my degree in Economics first, and then studied Landscape Design at John Brookes School of Garden Design (Pampa Infinita) and graduated in 2004. I relocated to Miami in 2006, and I’ve been there ever since.

When starting to design I like to put into practice what I’ve learned. And following the same line, I believe that the garden should be an extension of the home reflecting the demands of modern life. Aligned with J. Brookes thoughts, one needs to consider the purpose of the garden first and only then think about its design, so that lifestyle, architecture, and garden are in harmony.

I learned to design applying the “grid method” to each site, basing it on proportions I could find on the house. This grid helps unified the garden and helps the design flow, seeking to create an outdoor living space rather than showcasing plants.

In mbravelandscaping LLC we are blessed to be able to offer each client a personalized service, including design, installation, hardscape, irrigation and lighting.

Selva verde desaturada.webp

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